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I will loose the teeth Dr. German Arzate worked on. He caused allot of damage to my teeth and gums. Not to mention the ragging infection. I have already left my review but because this guy works under so many internet names like Cancun Top Dental, Dental Maya,and Cancun Cosmetic dentistry I have no choice but to leave another. This was a horrible experience. The more I learn about Dr.Arzate the more disgusted I become. Found a testimonial by an ex colleague of his. It seems he is not even qualified to do some of the procedures hes preforming.... Read more

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Cancun Top Dental run by Dr. German Arzate is the same company as Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, and Dental Maya located in Cancun Mexico. People seeking dental work abroad should be aware that this dentist has injured patients and preformed very inadequate dental procedures. He often has several internet company names but all lead to the same land address. If one clinic tittle racks up to many bad reviews he simply tries to cover up and move on to the next. He was profiled and exposed on National Television. Be extremely cautious when seeking... Read more

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